Hi, I’m Iris!

My Reel:

1. (๑╹∀╹๑)

(0:00) - A short 3D animation as an exploration of the vanishing boundaries between the digital and the real, filtered through the lens of my personal experience with early Chinese internet culture.

Sound: Wish by KIRARA

2. ✩ ★✡︎✶✥ ✮✥✶✥✲ ✢✥✥✮ ✳︎✥✮✴︎✩✥✮✴︎

(0:15) - A 3D animated short film contemplating temporality, regimen, cycle, unraveling, and tedium.

Outro composed by Damon Rush

3.The Waifuz of My Dreams

(0:40) - AI image generative model of waifus trained with datasets of anime girls and cosplayers. Outputs resemble biblically accurate angels.

4. You're in the Forest with Me

(1:02) - Interactive fairy forest simulator in which the player clicks around for surprises.

5. I'm Purikura

(1:20) - Drawing program inspired by Japanese photo booths, anime characters, and Chinese “土酷” (tacky cool) culture. Players can create and draw with preset face assets and stickers/stamps.

6. Doggy Wonderland

(1:32) - A simple game with a character controllable by the "ASDW” keys. 3D, 2D, animated, and static elements make up this uncanny land, allegorically Purgatory.

Sound: made in Synthesia, manipulated with coding

7. A Placid Place

(1:57) - Interactive animation inspired by placid places.

8. 100 Years of Choke

(2:29) - A short platform game. Player as a lost soul wandering idly with no start and no end. An infinite, dreadful cycle.

Sound: 100 Years of Choke by World’s End Girlfriend

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