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Created in Maya and Adobe After Effects

Music by Damon Rush
Put on headphones please! 

An animated film contemplating temporality, regimen, cycle, unraveling, and tedium.

By approximating the experience of real time, it seeks to break the common verisimilitude used in continuity editing. i.e. you are constrained in your chair, mandatorily experiencing this tediousness with me as well as vicariously through me. Mechanized, automated, having lost all expressiveness.

Also a contemplation of the medium and its nature – digital animation has always been self-reflexive and self-aware.

What does it mean to have plucked a body off the shelf of a 3D store?
What does it mean to have a 3D character in a 3D environment conduct humanly actions in humanly time?
What does it mean to render out thousands upon thousands of frames of inconsequential actions?

Everything within the 3D space is deliberate, fabricated, and built bit by bit, yet it is being used to depict a monotonous routine. The process merely mirrors that of the object it wishes to create.